Workshops and Wellness Services

Womb Massage and Detox Wrap (Initial) - $220/120 min                                                 Womb Massage and  Detox Wrap (Follow up) - $170

Wellness massage -  $140/90min  $170/120min                                                                     Reiki (in person & distance) - $85/hr  $255 Series of 3

Pre and Perinatal massages -  $150/80 min                                                                            Reiki I & II Attunement and Training - $250/class

Birth and Postpartum Doula Packages - varies                                                                    Medicinal Reiki and Herb Infused Oils & Creams - varies                                                                                                                          * Postpartum Support - $45/hr

                                                                                                ** Holistic Wellness Consultations - $50/hr


*Postpartum Support services include: emotional and breastfeeding support; preparation of nutritious meals and drinks for postpartum recovery and lactation support; grocery shopping; light cleaning and laundry; newborn care tips; newborn and other young children care to allow you to sleep, bathe, and other activities; vaginal steaming; and other duties as needed.

**Holistic Wellness Consultations: Information shared should NOT be considered as medical advice, and you should consult with your licensed healthcare provider for any medical ailments. The consultations discuss lifestyle changes and spiritual guidance. Sista4Peace Wellness practitioners have training in herbology, womb wellness, and counseling and have a daily spiritual practice. All massage therapists have graduated from an accredited massage therapy program and licensed by the state.


Be Peace Workshop
Liberate your mind, liberate your body. Learn how to reframe negative thoughts, what meditation is, and manageable tips, visualization exercises. (Online)
Baby Massage Classes


Baby/Infant massage is a practice passed down from generation to generation in various cultures throughout the world. Now there are studies that prove the many developmental benefits of babies that received positive touch and contact. Some benefits for babies include better sleep, greater recovery from stressful situations, less crying better digestion, aids in waste elimination, relief of teething pain, and appropriate weight gain (for preterm or underweight babies). Benefits for parents include decreased postpartum depression among mothers and fathers, increased ability to recognize baby's cues, and provides another tool for positive bonding with baby.


There are many more benefits for parents and babies that are shared in the classes. The 1-1/2 hour classes are open to all caregivers of babies and toddlers from 2 weeks to 2 years of age. Dolls will be provided for practice during class.

Live Peace Workshop

Plants are our accomplices. Learn the magical and health properties of plants as they relate to the body's different organs, what we can learn from the secret lives of plants, the doctrine of signatures, and practice intuitive oil, beverage, and food choices. (Online)